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The Benefits of Using Remind 101 in the Classroom

on August 4, 2013

Before Remind 101 I made copies of every important announcement or I would try to remember to update my website. I expected the kids to take home the important copied notes or to remember to check the website for updates and it worked for a while, but it really was too much to expect from the kids.


I stumbled on Remind 101 by accident and it has been a lifesaver and a time saver.  This is one of my First Day of School activities. Everyone takes out a cell phone and signs up instantly.


I use Remind 101 to remind my kids about upcoming tests; due dates for upcoming assignments; forms needing parent signatures such as field trip permission; corrections on homework page numbers; extra credit opportunities; additional explanation or clarification on an assignment; and congratulatory messages when they do an outstanding job.

I once used Remind 101 during lunch to ask everyone in the last class period to find Cody and ask him to bring back the USB connection for my slide clicker; it was the same color as his flash drive.  I had the USB back in five minutes.


I love Remind 101 because I can send messages to kids and I can still maintain my privacy and they can maintain theirs. All I see is a list of the names of my subscribers and they see a text message from me with the assigned Remind 101 number. I do all of my communication with the kids on Remind 101 from my computer or my iPad, so no numbers are exchanged. I invite parents to join Remind 101 so they can get the same reminders as their students. I have only had a handful of parents join and most of them get tired of knowing that Vocab Lesson #22 is due on Friday, so they often request to be taken off the list.

I have found that more homework is turned in on time with Remind 101.  The kids often ask the few kids who did not study for the test or bring homework why they didn’t do it because everyone got a reminder.  This is great for me because the kids keep on each other about due dates and test dates.

Remind 101 keeps a log of all of the messages sent which is very helpful. I can go back to see which messages I sent and print the list of messages any time an administrator or parent wants to see them.

I can also schedule a message to be sent at a later time or day. For example, during my prep I might remember that the kids needed to know to bring a certain book the next day, but when I think of this the kids are in class. I can schedule my reminder to go out at 3:00 PM when all of the kids are out of school and I am not interrupting classes.

I have a Remind 101 section for my after school club. This is a great way to remind all club members of a meeting date and time.  Sometimes the club members are to bring something to a meeting and I can count on Remind 101 for help.


List of courses or clubs


This is one of the best teacher tools ever. I would love to hear how you use Remind 101 in your classroom 🙂


2 responses to “The Benefits of Using Remind 101 in the Classroom

  1. Hello! I start my teacher training course this year (to become a Secondary English teacher) and this sounds like a fantastic tool to recommend for my school… thank you for blogging about it and making me aware 🙂 x

    • mrsporraz says:

      I am glad to be of help. Let me know if there are any topics that you think might be helpful to read about in a blog. Good luck and welcome to the classroom! You are going to make a big difference 🙂

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